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Will Kherbek

Will Kherbek

art critic



Will Kherbek is the writer of the novels Ecology of Secrets (2013) and ULTRALIFE (2016), both published by Arcadia Missa. His Ph.D. was granted by the University of London in 2014. In 2018, the poetry collections 26 Ideologies for Aspiring Ideologists (If a Leaf Falls Press) and Everyday Luxuries (Arcadia Missa) were published. Kherbek is also the writer of the essay "Technofeudalism and the Tragedy of the Commons" (2016) which appeared in the debut issue of Doggerland's journal. The essay considers the role of information in the writing of the Nobel Prize winning economist, Elinor Ostrom, in relation to the concept of the "tragedy of the commons" as formulated by Garrett Hardin. He has written about high frequency trading and finance for the award-winning German language publication, BLOCK, and has consulted and appeared at events with the conveners of the Alternative School of Economics and Rabbits Road Institute in London. His art journalism has appeared widely in publications including Flash Art, Spike Magazine, MAP Magazine, Berlin Art Link,, and others.

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