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Chhavi Sachdev

Chhavi Sachdev

Podcaster and Independent Radio Producer/Reporter


Chhavi Sachdev runs Sonologue and is India's second most experienced podcaster, having started putting out podcasts on her own and for clients like the Blue Frog in 2008... long before Serial, leading her mother to tell other people "I don't know what she does. Something to do with radio on the Web."

Over the last 10 years, she has developed and launched several podcasts that are successfully running, as well as produced the LSDcast - India's definitive podcast about love, sex, and dating, and Tall Tales Takeaway -- bite size true stories, told live.
She also conducts workshops on DIY podcasting, audio editing, and consults for organizations that need a little handholding in the audio format.

To pay the bills, Chhavi is a freelance multimedia journalist and producer covering science, health, development, sustainability, and women's issues extensively. She has co-hosted episodes for BBC's World Hacks and CrowdScience and she's a frequent presenter on PRI's The World, BBC's Health Check and several Deutsche Welle programs.

She listens to podcasts while exercising, doing chores, and also when she's felled by migraines.

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