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Chhavi Sachdev
Podcaster and Independent Radio Producer/Reporter
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Monday, 04 March 2019

Why Does Organ Music Go With Baseball?

I've been to only one baseball game in my life (I'm not a fan), but I've seen enough American movies that even if I hadn't witnessed a game, I'd still know what type of music this podcast episode references. There are these riffs and fanfares that mark certain tense moments, and sometimes even serve to troll the visiting team. But, just think about that. There is a live organist at baseball stadiums! There's an organ near the diamond! That's just odd and that's what Every Little Thing is looking into. How did it get there? And why is it still there? As caller Robert says, the organ is associated with places of worship in most places. It doesn't exactly go with shortstops and runs and strikeouts. The organ as a musical instrument actually got its start in an arena of death. I loved learning that it took ten people to play the organ back in the 12th century, pumping twenty bellows with their feet.

Tracing the history of organs to spectator sports then churches, then circling back to providing entertainment to silent movies and then live events again was fun.My favourite was the madcap story about the Red Sox's organist's audition and I was so enthralled to hear the legendary White Sox's organist Nancy Faust speak and also play. Faust was essentially the first live scorer and commentator on the game to use ... music. A totally charming episode for music, trivia, history, and sports lovers! 

Why Does Organ Music Go With Baseball?
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