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Magda Skrzypek
Media development worker

Prague-based media development worker from Poland with a journalistic background. Previously worked on digital issues in Brussels. Piqs about digital issues, digital rights, data protection, new trends in journalism and anything else that grabs my attention.

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piqer: Magda Skrzypek
Wednesday, 07 November 2018

US Midterms, Hacking And Social Media: All You Need To Know

Following a contentious campaign, Democrats took control of the United States House of Representatives during the US 2018 midterm elections, while Republicans increased their majority in the Senate, results show. Spawned by Russian meddling in the national election two years ago, the vote was marred by widespread fears about the risk of foreign interference and vote tampering. For the past few weeks, the topic of election hacking has been appearing in media daily, with many brilliant podcasts addressing election cybersecurity and the spread of dis- and misinformation online. Here are some noteworthy ones to consider.

In the episode of WSJ’s The Future of Everything, host Jennifer Strong watched hackers breach voting machines and explored how tech solutions, such as blockchain or mobile voting, can safeguard the democratic process from foreign or malicious meddling.

Meanwhile, in a special episode of Slate’s If Then, hosts Will Oremus and April Glaser discussed the role of social media platforms in nudging voting behavior with Kevin Roose from the New York Times and Paris Martineau of Wired, to then interview top election-security expert Ed Felten about the voting machines.

The topic has been high on Vox's agenda too. In its Today Explained podcast, host Sean Rameswaram talked to The New Yorker's Sue Halpern about how easily US elections could be sabotaged by bad actors. Meanwhile, on Vox's In The Weeds, Ezra Klein and Jane Coaston not only shone a light on the dreadful state of US election security, but also went beyond tech to address voter suppression, disenfranchisement and gerrymandering.

And last but not least, we have Mozilla's IRL podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont covering how other countries, such as France, are managing their online security around elections, with two excellent pieces of speculative fiction describing the elections of the future and imaginary advances in technology at the end of the podcast.

US Midterms, Hacking And Social Media: All You Need To Know
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