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Eduardo Longoria
President of Portunus, Treasurer of Prophase BioStudios
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piqer: Eduardo Longoria
Thursday, 28 February 2019

Tissue Engineering, Developments and the Nervous System

This episode, 135 of the Stem Cell Podcast, interviews Dr.Stephanie Willerth about tissue engineering and how organoids can be used in the medical field. 

The host describes our modern times as the cookbook era of stem cell research now that so many methods of production have been shared and compiled. From 12 to about the 15 minute mark a "recipe" is summarized on the production of lung organoids from pluripotent stem cells. This procedure is an example of a recipe in the "cook book" of stem cells that is now more common due to technological advances and could produce replacement organs in humans. 

This same description of recipes is done for blood vessels that can be used to replace damaged blood vessels in diabetics. 

At 25:21 the interview with Dr.Willerth begins. 

Dr.Willerth's lab has been looking at different ways of engineering neural tissue that is compatible with the human body using fibrin gel and pluripotent stem cells. She describes her goal as to get her research to be used in the development of a stem cell therapy and "do something useful."

Tissue Engineering, Developments and the Nervous System
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