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Yavuz Baydar

Turkish journalist, blogger and media expert. Writes regular columns for Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Arab Weekly, Vocal Europe and HuffPost.

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piqer: Yavuz Baydar
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Richest Of Them All?

If the ambitions to end up as the wealthiest man in history is a race, it is now led by a man whose business genius baffles the entire world: Jeff Bezos. As of January 8, the Amazon CEO's net worth surpassed $105 billion, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Forbes agrees, estimating his wealth at $104.4 billion.

It means that Bill Gates has now fallen down to 2nd position, with a net worth of $93.3 billion.

"Amazon's CEO and founder has spent the last two decades proving that his ambition knows no bounds. Originally founded as an online bookseller, Amazon has since expanded into hardware, cloud services and streaming shows — often years ahead of its rivals," wrote CNN's Seth Fiegerman last June. 

''The core vision is essentially to transform the entire retail industry — one sector at a time. It may have started with books, but Amazon sells its own line of clothing, has experimented with hotel booking and offers grocery deliveries through Amazon Fresh.''

The question remains: what more to expect from his 'boundless ambitions'?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Richest Of Them All?
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