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Roshawn Terrell
AI and Machine Learning Researcher For
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Tuesday, 01 January 2019

If We Made Life In A Lab, Would We Understand It Differently?

What Is Life?

Listen to Rebecca Wilbanks talk about what life is, and if it's possible to create it—perhaps if it were, we would begin to understand it better. 

Right now our definition of life is a bit fuzzy. It's a difficult thing to define in exact terms, as life is something that constantly evolves. Life on other planets may be completely different in nature. A common definition of life is something that can self-replicate and evolve. And yet, viruses don't self-replicate, but would we not consider a virus alive? Other definitions lean on the idea that life is a self-sustaining chemical process. And yet is there really any reason that life should be limited to only chemical processes? Life could very well use some other process in the future. So what is life? And is it possible for us to create it? 

If We Made Life In A Lab, Would We Understand It Differently?
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