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Roshawn Terrell
AI and Machine Learning Researcher For
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piqer: Roshawn Terrell
Friday, 30 November 2018

If elephants aren't persons yet, could they be one day?

Elephants might have the necessary capacities for personhood – we just need to help them acquire the cognitive scaffolding

Listen to Don Ross talk about why elephants might not be so different from us. With the only thing possibly differentiating them from of us, are the cognitive scaffolding's we've built. Which have allowed us to store, build, and access knowledge outside of ourselves. As a good friend of mine so eloquently put it 'We are more so our software than we are our hardware'. We are more so the result of our culture, which has been built over thousands of years, by millions of other humans, than the result of our human DNA. A truly feral human, one without any culture, would be very different than a human today.

If elephants aren't persons yet, could they be one day?
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