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Emily Prokop
Podcast Producer, Host, & Editor
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piqer: Emily Prokop
Sunday, 20 January 2019

Gonna Ascend The Throne

The show is a great video and audio show for anyone interested in new developments in technology. The hosts are so knowledgeable and are able to relate pop culture trends to technology trends, such as the opening of this particular episode when a reference to the Birdbox challenge leads into a conversation about self-driving vehicles.

The hosts for this episode are Chris, SP (Stargate Pioneer), and Sunkast. Stephen Jondrew is another host of the show but was out for this particular episode.

The show starts with a look at the latest SpaceX news, of which SP knows quite a bit because he's a rocket scientist. But he presents the news in a way that allows those who may not be as knowledgeable about that latest space exploration news to be able to pick up the information quickly and easily.

In this particular episode, he talks about Elon Musk's announcement that the "Starship" Hopper Prototype is complete and what kind of testing will be done with it over the next few weeks.

They move onto other topics that will delight video game aficionados, namely that code miners have found Nintendo may be giving people more retro gaming capabilities, although it's unclear if it's in the form of mini-consoles or integration with current platforms like the Switch.

The code that was found may be referring to the Nintendo GameCube and N64, but this is speculation on the part of code miners.

And, in case you are looking for the ultimate luxury bathroom item, the episode also includes specs about the Numi 2.0 Intelligent toilet with Kohler Konnect, a "smart" toilet with Amazon Alexa integration, bidets (yes, plural), adjustable water temperature and pressure, and even speakers, plus a whole lot more than probably the average person would ever dream was possible with a toilet. (Save your money—these toilets start at $7,000.)

The last part of the episode is the longest segment and is a roundup of big news and new products from CES 2018.

Gonna Ascend The Throne
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