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Mo Sattar
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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Extinction Or Absolute Bliss — The Binary Outcome Of The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Science Fiction as a genre, whether read or watched, has dealt in the principles of existential risk and reward with aplomb. Whether we chose to read Heinlein or Adams, or chose to watch Kubrick or Cameron, we've been exposed to wondrous worlds filled with technological marvels and concomitant challenges.

These challenges are often wrapped in narratives that force us to consider what it means to be human in worlds where we are not the dominant species. Very often, it is humans who have created the superior power. The obvious example that comes to mind is the Terminator series of films. 

Elon Musk's recent venture is a company that seeks to merge biology with technology. Specifically, attempting to connect the human brain to hardware. Fascinating to me, however, is that Musk has repeatedly stated that this is the only way we, as a species, can ensure that we're not obliterated by our own invention: A.I. It's a defensive play against the rise of the machines. 

The article I suggest requires about 40 minutes of reading. It's worth it though — it is an exceptional summary of the challenges and potential gains of the AI Revolution. I particularly enjoyed the cartoons. You might too. 

Extinction Or Absolute Bliss — The Binary Outcome Of The Artificial Intelligence Revolution
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