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Eduardo Longoria
President of Portunus, Treasurer of Prophase BioStudios
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piqer: Eduardo Longoria
Friday, 22 February 2019

Empathy in Pedagogy: How Empathy Improves Learning

This podcast discusses social emotional learning and the ability of increased empathy to not only raise grades but increase the speed of learning. On the EdSurge Podcast Molecular Biologist, John Medina, talks with the Hostess about how increased empathy between students and teachers improves the learning environment.

Medina describes his working theory as allowing the better angels of the person to come out when the cortisol and survival instincts are quelled. That the increased serotonin and dopamine levels that come from feeling cared for and empathized with create a positive association with school as well as a healthier mental state for the student to learn.

Following his discussion of research he brings an "indictment without a solution" in his description of empathic distress. In this case Medina refers to the high stress of being a teacher placing a load on many teachers that makes being empathetic increasingly difficult. 

Empathy in Pedagogy: How Empathy Improves Learning
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