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Technology and society

Chhavi Sachdev
Podcaster and Independent Radio Producer/Reporter
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piqer: Chhavi Sachdev
Friday, 03 May 2019

Cindy Gallop speaking on sexism, #metoo, male allies, and sex! (PG-18)

Don't zone out, this is not a male bashing, #notallmen #metoo podcast. First of all, you know it can't be because it features the inimitable Cindy Gallop, outspoken founder of sextech startup Make Love Not Porn! Second of all, she's talking about sexism and harassment that includes the stories of all survivors. She's also talking about the way the internet is changing how harassment is received.  

I have to say at the outset, I'm a fangirl. I love her outspoken, articulate brand of honesty. I love that she calls out power structures and sexism, and she knows what she's talking about.

And if you think it's all griping, listen to her talk about how easy it would be to end sexual harassment if the powers that be wanted to (and why they don't).

Also talk about how to instil the ideas of consent and sexual values in a population that never talks about it or thinks about it. There's also a discussion about whether porn influences sexism and objectification (and Cindy's answer is revelatory!) as well as power and how that changes the nature of the view! 

AND there's practical tips on what to do when sexual harassment happen to you or around you. 

It's a great conversation, so listen in and share widely. 

Warning: strong language, talks about sex. 

Cindy Gallop speaking on sexism, #metoo, male allies, and sex! (PG-18)
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