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Technology and society

Emily Prokop
Podcast Producer, Host, & Editor
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piqer: Emily Prokop
Thursday, 10 January 2019

Bot For Teacher

Bot for Teacher looks at the growing trend of computerized learning for children, as opposed to teachers in classrooms. It explores the technology that makes this a possibility for a few communities, as well as the impact it has on children.

One of the perks of computerized learning is how it can adapt to each individual child and their learning styles. The algorithms being programmed and tested can see right away where a child needs more help. It can also pull children out of lessons when it "senses" frustration or the need for a break.

Although that may sound like a near-perfect system, the host Rose talks to individuals who see a downside with these computerized learning systems that have begun to spring up. Critics worry that computerized learning for children takes out the social aspect that traditional schooling offers. One other criticism of computerized learning is the question of who its main target audience is.

There are a lot of theories as to what this could mean for the future of schooling. It's no surprise that computers and technology are being used more and more in classrooms. Computerised learning is also being used in higher education settings, such as bots who have been programmed to act as teachers' assistants.

This episode of Flash Forward was featured in Podcast Brunch Club's November Playlist, which was all about Artificial Intelligence.

Bot For Teacher
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