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Technology and society

Emily Prokop
Podcast Producer, Host, & Editor
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piqer: Emily Prokop
Thursday, 31 January 2019

BLUE! 42!

Twenty Thousand Hertz explores all the intricacies of sound, many of which we may not be aware of in our everyday lives.

This particular episode focuses on the advance in technology in professional football for coaches to communicate with players. Before this technology, coaches and players had to rely on codewords and signals. But in the '90s, new technology was developed so quarterbacks could have a speaker directly in their helmet and their coaches could communicate with them.

Football stadiums presented engineers with challenges along the way, such as having to counteract the extreme noisiness of the crowd so the head coach could hear the coaches sitting further up in the stand, and then making sure he could relay that information clearly to the quarterback, who would then have to communicate the plays to the team.

The limited amount of time to convey plays is also taken into account, so codewords are used and it almost sounds as if another language is being spoken at times.

This episode is wonderful to listen to as Super Bowl Sunday is approaching in America. Even though I, personally, am not the biggest football fan, I loved this episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz. It made me appreciate the technology and all the little pieces that go into something as big as professional football.

BLUE! 42!
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