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  • About this channel:

    piqs about piqd! This is where we introduce new curators and functionality. We also discuss how to further improve piqd with our members.

  • Moritz Orendt
    Moritz Orendt

    Founder of Blogger-App Blogbox and Content-Marketing-Tool Content Captain.

    Marketing for piqd.

    Fan of piqd.

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  • Jeren Calinisan
    Jeren Calinisan
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  • Marcus von Jordan
    Marcus von Jordan
    piqd cofounder

    since 2008 in the trench of revolutionizing journalism
    co-founder & CEO of piqd
    co-founder of
    CEO of August Schwingenstein Stiftung

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  • Frederik Fischer
    Frederik Fischer
    Executive Editor of piqd
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  • Malia Politzer
    Malia Politzer
    Editor of International Investigative Journalist
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