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The Weekend Digest: Our Piqs Of The Week
Frederik Fischer
Executive Editor of piqd
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piqer: Frederik Fischer
Monday, 15 May 2017

The Weekend Digest: Our Piqs Of The Week

(Okay, you're right. It's either a little too late or way too early for a weekend round-up. It's just that I was sick on the actual weekend and had to postpone this post. Apologies.)

A Future Without Coffee? Maybe Not.

Coffee crops in many countries around the world are in danger due to “deforestation, abnormally high temperatures, a lack of precipitation, and disease”. (Source: Bloomberg)

There Are Diseases Hidden In The Ice, And They Are Waking Up.

While coffee is dying, deadly microbes, caged in permafrost, are coming back to life again. (Source: BBC)

Indigenous Autonomous Government Wins Case Against Extractivism.

Luckily there is good news as well - at least for the Wampis, Peru's first indigenous government. (Source: The Independent)

France Averted The Worst, But Can Macron Deliver On Economic And European Reform Promises?

The Wampis might even be ahead of Macron when it comes to forming a government. Historian and writer Timothy Garton Ash describes the rocky road ahead for the winner of the French election. (Source: The Guardian)

How 'We The People' Are Being Played Into Destroying Our Democracies 

Data Analysts are able to shape political decision-making but it's hard to tell to what extent and that's part of the problem: covering the secretive world of hackers and outfits like Cambridge Analytica (basically digital spin doctors on steroids) is beyond most journalists' capabilities and even those of criminal investigators. This text show how incredibly tricky it is to dig into this new breed of cyber attacks. (Source: The Guardian)

Introduced: Yavuz Baydar (Globalization and Politics, Technology and Society)

Award-winning Turkish journalist, blogger and media expert. Writes regular columns for Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Arab Weekly, Vocal Europe and HuffPost. Co-founder of P24 - the platform for independent media

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