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In order to grow, piqd depends on your referrals, recommendations and involvement.
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    Creating community piqs

    Whenever you find a great piece of journalism on the web, share it with the community and tell us why it’s worth our time!

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    Inviting your friends

    The best communities are made up of amazing people, so invite your friends!

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    Being nice

    Our community thrives on comments that are interesting, constructive and friendly. That’s why every time another user rates your comment positively, you earn a piqd penny.

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    Others liking your comments

    Our community thrives on comments that are interesting, constructive and friendly, too. That’s why we reward comments with piqd pennies, every time another user rates your comment positively.

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    Subscribing to channels

    Subscribe to new channels on piqd to discover a varied selection of the very best journalism from all over the web, curated by our experts and by other community members.

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    Gaining followers

    Build up your network and gain followers by publishing relevant community piqs and commenting on the content of others. The more followers, the more piqd pennies you'll earn!

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    Share a piq via Facebook or twitter

How to pay with piqd pennies

mojo is the farmers’ market of online book shopping. Mojo believes that books fulfill a crucial social function, and was founded as a non-profit organization to ensure that the interests of the mojo community is always put above those of its investors. Turn piqd pennies into mojo coins: Each pid penny equals one mojo coin. Once you've gathered enough credits to pay for your whole desired book, you can use them to buy it.

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With Blendle, you are able to read articles from your favorite newspapers and magazines, without subscribing. You can buy individual articles and magazine issues. 500 piqd pennies get you a blendle voucher for 5€.

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