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Daria Sukharchuk
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piqer: Daria Sukharchuk
Friday, 19 April 2019

Why "Follow Your Passion" Is Actually Bad Career Advice

"Follow your passion" is an infuriatingly simple career advice many of us have heard many times since our early teens. But what if your passions aren't that clearly shaped? Or if they don't even translate into a career that clearly? Turns out, this actually is a wrong advise: multiple studies quoted in the podcast say that "passion" isn't really something you find, as if it's hidden somewhere inside your mind. For most people, it's something that develops slowly over time. A good career might start with a curiosity, or interest, and slowly get interesting. Moreover, the people who see their work as their calling, are more vulnerable to being exploited, like working unpaid overtime. "Work Life" is a podcast hosted by TED, hosted by an organisational psychologist Adam Grant, in which he talks about different aspects of working life- from job hunting to how to see if a person is an asshole.

Why "Follow Your Passion" Is Actually Bad Career Advice
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