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Health and Sanity

Malia Politzer
Editor of International Investigative Journalist
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piqer: Malia Politzer
Sunday, 30 December 2018

Top 5 Health And Sanity Piqs From 2018

From the opioid crisis to the legalization of cannabis in many states to the rise of the #MeToo movement, 2018 has been a notable year for journalism about health and wellness. We've rounded up some of the most important and relevant podcasts—from shows that examine the dialogue around women's health in the context of #MeToo to podcasts that dig deep into the impact of the drug crisis. Happy listening!


This documentary-style podcast, which debuted this year, is a feminist exploration of the mystery of women’s bodies—and how they are viewed and treated in society and by healthcare providers.

Ladies, We Need To Talk

Another new feminist podcast in the age of #MeToo, this is a podcast produced by women for women that takes on difficult topics like sexism among women, female sexuality (like if porn can be feminist, faking orgasms, and foreplay) and other issues that can be hard to bring up in casual conversation.


This podcast, which debuted last year, takes a hard look at what it takes for women and girls to make choices and live with those choices in today’s society.

All In The Mind

While not new, this Australian podcasts continues to do a stellar job of explaining and exploring the brain, human behavior, and the connections between them.

On Drugs

This series, now in its second season, explores drug use through the lease of history, pop culture and personal experience. It’s a series that takes on new importance and relevance in the age of the opioid epidemic.

Top 5 Health And Sanity Piqs From 2018
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