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Melissa Hutsell
Freelance Writer and Editor
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piqer: Melissa Hutsell
Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Most Popular Destinations For Munchies, Ranked By Consumer Analysts

If you’ve ever tried cannabis, you’ve probably succumbed to its most famous side effect: the munchies. The strong, insatiable desire to consume food after consuming cannabis is real, and fast food industries are attuned to this: think White Castle’s stoner franchise, Taco Bell’s “Late Night Munchies,” or Jack in the Box’s “Munchies Mash up.”

So, which fast food establishments are most popular among cannabis consumers?

Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis analyzed data in marketplaces with large populations and legal cannabis laws to determine the top destinations for stoners. The study tracked people who bought cannabis legally at dispensaries, and their go-to choices for fast food purchases when experiencing the munchies. 

The results of the “Cannabis Freakonomics” study found McDonald's to be the most popular fast food joint for stoners seeking to satisfy their cravings: 43 percent of participants visited a franchise within four weeks of their dispensary purchase, whereas 18 percent visited Taco Bell.

“Granted, McDonald’s has nearly 15,000 locations in the United States compared to Taco Bell’s 7,000, so “elevated” consumers may find it more convenient to find a nearby Mickey D’s than some Doritos Locos action,” noted the article. Burger King, and Wendy's also ranked highly in national findings (Jack in the Box, Subway and others made the list).  

The Most Popular Destinations For Munchies, Ranked By Consumer Analysts
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