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Valentina Nicolae
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Monday, 31 December 2018

Stories Of Fatherhood

Al Letson – you may know him from the investigative news program Reveal – joins forces with hip-hop musician Willie Evans Jr. to create a nonconformist podcast, which is part comedy, part personal storytelling, part music program. Their stories and interviews focus on love, fatherhood, personal reflection, and the racial dynamics in America.

In No Ordinary Love, the two hosts share their experiences of fatherhood. Letson tells a very touching story about being the father of a white boy, and the day-to-day implications of that fact. For instance, going to the grocery store with his son means dealing with the judgement of people, as they immediately think there’s something fishy about an African-American man and a white child hanging out together. But the two of them have managed a system of protecting each other. In other words, Letson understood that, although he wants to shield his son from everything bad in the world, he can also allow himself to be vulnerable and have the certainty that his son, too, can offer him comfort (it's easier said than done, I know).

Willie Evans Jr., on the other hand, talks about an issue that I’m sure every parent can relate to: teaching his son how to handle a bully. The matter is very serious, but the way Evans Jr. describes his trying to be the adult in this childrens’ fight, and the honesty with which he talks about feelings of frustration, helplessness and love for his kid—all this makes you crackle with laughter. 

Stories Of Fatherhood
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