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Mona Silavi
project manager
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piqer: Mona Silavi
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

How To Deal With Emotional Pain?

As my background is social psychology and I spend long hours commuting between my university, work, and home, I feel listening to podcasts is much easier than reading on public transportation. Listening to motivational podcasts or ones that explain human relations is a helpful tool for understanding the social world we live in. So I decided to piq the best podcast on social psychology and mental health that I have ever come across.

In this podcast, guest of the show Dr John M Grohol is talking about how to overcome our painful past.

According to him, we were never properly taught how to deal with pain, so we always find ourselves in the situation that forces us to deal with it on the spot.

In this podcast, the host and the guest give us steps that help us to reduce the time that we hold on to the pain before we move on. They also show how our cultural background affects the process of healing and dealing with emotional pain.

Grohol explains the five steps to move on.

I have summarized the steps below, but by listening to this podcast you will enjoy knowing them in depth.

  • We should decide that it is for the best to let it go.
  • We should express our pain and our responsibilities, but in a healthy manner.
  • Playing the role of victim is never helpful. 
  • The golden role is to focus on 'now and here'.
  • The most important step is forgiving the other person and yourself. 

Some may wonder how we can forgive ourselves for the harm we did to others. Yes, we should learn to forgive ourselves to be able to forgive others! 

To know the answers and receive a complete explanation of the steps, listen to this podcast. This can be helpful for you and maybe somebody around you who is in pain and cannot forgive, forget, and go forward with life. 

How To Deal With Emotional Pain?
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