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Melissa Hutsell
Freelance Writer and Editor
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piqer: Melissa Hutsell
Sunday, 19 March 2017

Green Angels Of Cannabis Delivery

In New York City, one company has hired models to deliver cannabis.

Green Angels is a collection of approximately 30 models turned dealers. The company was founded by an ex-model who built the service from scratch nearly eight years ago to become a multi-million dollar business. Now pregnant, she’s left the modeling world behind for the cannabis industry, where she stands to make a profit of nearly $27,000 per week.

Green Angels seems more than just a delivery service. Many employees are students, who use the income to help pay their student loans. Aside from cannabis, the business also offers products such as tinctures, edibles and vapes.

This article details the women who play the part, the risks, the interworkings, and even some of the Green’s Angels clientele (which include Justin Bieber and Rihanna). This story is an interesting look into this newly budding niche, and the female power it promotes. 

Green Angels Of Cannabis Delivery

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