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Health and sanity

Melissa Hutsell
Freelance Writer and Editor
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piqer: Melissa Hutsell
Saturday, 11 November 2017

Cannabis: The Latest Wellness Trend

Wellness means something different to each individual; for some, it means daily exercise, for others, it’s an all-natural diet. But it is cannabis that’s becoming virtually synonymous with health as more and more wellness experts have come to include cannabis in their health regimens.

Today, cannabis is consumed by athletes to improve performances, by yogis to enhance relaxation, and by doctors to treat diseases. There are many ailments — from sore muscles, to skin disorders, to weight loss — for which there’s a cannabis-derived product (or service) to help to treat.

The plant is used to enhance performance by everyone from professional snowboarders to marathoners. Exercise specialist Dee Dussault, owner of Ganja Yoga in San Francisco, incorporates cannabis into her sessions to help relieve stress and build focus. Weightlifter Amy Dilullo uses cannabis to help relieve muscle aches. Jane West highlights the herb in her 'cannabis cleanse' to aid weight loss.

Health-conscious audiences can take the ‘high’ and/or the ‘smoke’ out of the equation altogether; they can ingest cannabis via edibles, topicals, oils (vaporizers) or tinctures. Produces, for the most part, come precisely dosed and are marketed for symptom specific relief, e.g. nausea relief, appetite stimulation.

If it’s edibles you prefer, there are a plethora of ways (and cookbooks) dedicated to cooking with cannabis. Infusions come in the form of recipes, smoothies, supplements, etc. and are proven to help fight inflammation, anxiety, and pain. 

Cannabis: The Latest Wellness Trend
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