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Health and Sanity

Rashmi Vasudeva
Features writer on health, lifestyle and the Arts, digital marketing blogger, mother
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piqer: Rashmi Vasudeva
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

A Podcast To Help You Get Through The Damn Day

If you agree the struggle is real (and who can disagree), then climbing onto this bus once a week might just help you pull along that much more happily.

Podcasts about mental health and self-care are fast becoming a priority listen, perhaps because a podcast can offer both the succour of a human voice and the privacy one may require to deal with an inner conflict.

As far as weekly advice podcasts go, I would say this one, hosted by Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin, sits right at the top. The duo are charming, witty, funny, serious, enthusiastic, frank and dry, sometimes all at once. I have now listened to four of their episodes and I have not had a dull moment, at least till now.

In over 150 episodes to date, the two hosts have covered an astonishing range of topics that broadly tackle mental health, wellness, self-care, or simply stuff to help you “get through the damn day.” There are episodes on handling sulky kids, managing workplace politics, the many benefits of crying, whether rage is okay and the art of self-criticism, among others.

Mind you, it is not always heavy stuff like depression or anxiety; it could also be dealing with your toddler’s toothache or handling worries about how bad those new bangs you got are making your face look. The best part is really that no topic is unwelcome and no question is too big or small. Every weird topic counts.

Expect frank opinions which sometimes border on the explicit but also watch out for some really honest examinations of emotions and personality traits. One of the highlights of the episodes is the listener questions' section where the hosts answer in their typical conversational and candid style.

A Podcast To Help You Get Through The Damn Day
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