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Globalization and politics

Daria Sukharchuk
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piqer: Daria Sukharchuk
Sunday, 15 April 2018

Women Need To Run For Offices To Push For More Equality

Women's rights movement is gaining traction in many countries these days, but what it often seems to lack is representation in power. Even many female politicians publicly refuse to call themselves feminist (as Angela Merkel has). It now seems that the best way to achieve further progress for gender equality is more power for women with this political agenda. This opinion piece might sound slightly patronising in the way of how it says that making more compromises is "being grown-ups", but one cannot deny that it has a point, and that this strategy can work in many countries the way it now seems to work in the US. It remains to be seen bow it will work in more conservative societies, where "the f word" still means failure for a politician. 

Women Need To Run For Offices To Push For More Equality
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