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Globalization and politics

Luis Eduardo BARRUETO
Trade and development

Luis BARRUETO is a journalist from Guatemala. Studied business and finance journalism at Aarhus University in Denmark and City University London.

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piqer: Luis Eduardo BARRUETO
Saturday, 22 December 2018

Will America's Reputation Survive Trump? John Kerry's Take On American Foreign Policy

It is not so common to see a former Secretary of State so active in politics and public opinion, except if they're running for office themselves. But John Kerry is not only trying to avoid merely watching years of hard-earned achievements in the international sphere break to pieces, he is trying to promote increased awareness of the cost of America's bad decisions in foreign policy. Some, he says, risk alienating key, decades-long allies.

In recent days, Kerry slammed Trump's decision to remove from Syria. He said to stop thinking about Trump's decision to abandon the Paris Agreement and act decisively on Climate Change before it's too late. He might even run for office in 2020.

This is why it might be worth taking a look at his new memoir, and if you don't feel like taking such a deep plunge into his worldview, listen to this episode of Why is this happening? with Chris Hayes.

In it, Kerry comments on the current state of plans and measures spearheaded by the Obama administration in Yemen and Iran, and comments on how the dysfunctionality of Washington is a fundamental threat for the country's engagement around the world, notably with North Korea and in conceding ground to China and Russia's ambitions.

He also notes that the recent midterms were proof that Democrats can rise to the challenge in 2020 and replace Trump. This election could have momentous consequences in upholding the long-term interests of the US, especially on issues related to climate change and in maintaining the sense of continuity in American statecraft.

Will America's Reputation Survive Trump? John Kerry's Take On American Foreign Policy
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