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Globalization and politics

Emily Schultheis

Freelance journalist currently based in Berlin, chronicling the effects of populism on elections in Europe. Former Washington-based political reporter for CBS News, Politico and National Journal.

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piqer: Emily Schultheis
Monday, 04 February 2019

Will 2019 Aid Or Hinder The Populist Tide?

The rise of populism and the weakening of liberal democracy are well-known trends in the West (and beyond) these days. From Marine Le Pen's National Rally (formerly National Front) in France to Viktor Orbán's so-called "illiberal democracy" in Hungary to the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) in Poland, such parties and movements have had success at the ballot box in recent elections and show no real signs of slowing down.

But what's in store in 2019 — and what (if anything) can be done to stem the populist tide? This podcast, the first in a series, looks at these bigger-picture questions in the context of the events of 2018 and takes a look ahead at what's in store for 2019. May's upcoming European Parliament elections, in which Orbán has said he wants to lead a pan-European group of "illiberal" leaders and parties, will be a major test of populist movements' strength. The experts interviewed for this podcast speak about the challenges facing traditional political parties and forces, and explore how important 2019 will be in determining the long-term viability of populist parties.

Will 2019 Aid Or Hinder The Populist Tide?
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