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Emran Feroz
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piqer: Emran Feroz
Thursday, 20 April 2017

Where The "Mother Of All Bombs" Has Been Dropped

This piece is a must-read from Achin district, Nangarhar, eastern Afghanistan, also known as the setting where the United States recently dropped its biggest non-nuclear bomb in history — the "mother of all bombs". Or, as Afghans call it already "madar-e bamb-ha" (which literally means the same in Dari). 

Until today, it is not really known who and how many people have been killed by the monstrous bomb. Afghan officials claim that more than 90 IS militants have been killed. However, there is no proof for that. Meanwhile, the US administration itself rejects to give any kind of damage details.

The bomb's main scene is still not accessible for journalists.

Nevertheless, the piece tries to humanize those forgotten Afghans who live nearby and face war, bombs and destruction since almost four decades. 

Where The "Mother Of All Bombs" Has Been Dropped

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