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Globalization and politics

Sezin Oney
Journalist-Political Scientist
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piqer: Sezin Oney
Monday, 31 December 2018

What to watch for in 2019: an analysis on populism

2018 was a wild ride as far as politics were concerned; and it was like that globally.  How will the new year differ from the previous one?

The Council on Foreign Relations (the Washington D.C. based think tank) experts James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon are joined by Brookings senior fellow Constanze Stelzenmuller in this podcast to reflect on the year that is by now past, and look ahead to the newly arrived one; 2019. Perhaps not so surprisingly, democratic backsliding and rising nationalism are at the top of their agenda. According to the Freedom House, democracy is in decline all around the world since the last 12 years, and therefore it is safe to predict further democratic decline. Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, and the U.S. have featured as countries with sharp democratic decline.

This podcast is a great summary regarding prevalent debates on populism and frames everything you would like to be informed about issues like "illiberal democracies", "rising authoritarianism" and "democratic deficit". 

Stelzenmuller's distinction concerning "real" and "imagined" grievances giving way to support of populist parties and movements; in some places there are actual social and economic problems, and in yet others, issues like "immigration" basically does not exist and hence imagined (as in the case of Hungary).  

Technological innovations, such as the prevalence of social media is one of the enablers of this phenomena; but certainly not the reason-as again Stelzenmuller points out. 

What are the reasons for the rise of populism, then?

This podcast does provide some possible answers and many insights for the audience to draw own conclusions, come up with their own answers.

Overall, this podcast is a very interesting kaleidoscopic discussion of politics in varying countries such as the U.S., Germany, France, Spain and beyond; so much so that by the end of it you can become your own expert on contemporary politics.

What to watch for in 2019: an analysis on populism
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