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Globalization and politics

Sezin Oney
Journalist-Political Scientist
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piqer: Sezin Oney
Wednesday, 10 April 2019

What are the Europeans up to?

Is there a fun way to talk about contemporary European politics? The Europeans podcast seem to have a find a way. In this episode, the focus is over populism and polarization; the usual suspects.

These podcast series by Katy Lee (France correspondent for Agence France-Presse-AFP), and Dominic Kraemer (an opera singer and as self-described, "part-time political junkie"). Everyweek Lee and Kraemer chats about European politics, and they really do it in a fun way.     

The European elections of May are approaching fast; and there are various battle fronts: nationalists vs globalists, progressives vs conservatives. In this episode the focus is over a project getting the Europeans from across the political spectrum to actually sit down and talk about their differences: this project is called the "Europe Talks". Sebastian Horn, the deputy editor of Die Zeit online, connects to the podcast from Berlin to explain the thinking behind the Europe Talks project. 

16 European media outlets  to launch the platform of "Europe Talks". This platform aims to bring together people with contrasting or even opposing political views from across Europe for face-to-face debates. First step to embark on the project is to answer some questions.

"Europe Talks" describe the project as follows:

"Once you have answered these seven questions and subsequently registered, we will try to connect you with another European from a neighboring country – someone who has answered the questions completely differently. In mid-April, we will then introduce you to your debate partner. As soon as both of you have agreed to a meeting, you can establish contact with each other via email. It is quite possible that you won't share the same native language and will have to communicate in English or another language you might have in common."
Regardless of whether you decide to take the plunge with Europe Talks, The European is worthwhile keep up with and also keep smiling.                                     
What are the Europeans up to?
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