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Globalization and politics

Neil Hauer
Analyst, journalist, consultant
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piqer: Neil Hauer
Wednesday, 24 April 2019

War On The Rocks Podcast: Fresh Voices On Grand Strategy

War on the Rocks is a national security-oriented media outlet aimed at enhancing understanding of military and international affairs among the Washington, DC community. WOTR hosts a series of podcasts now, but their original series remains running as well. Hosted by WOTR founder Ryan Evans, it discusses a broad range of defence, national security, and foreign affairs issues with guests working in those spheres.

The present episode focuses on the question: just what should America's grand strategy on the globe be in 2019? A panel of four guests ranging from the Cato Institute to the US Naval College join for the discussion, with predictably diverse viewpoints. The participants touch on points including whether the US can really have an impact on reducing the level of violence around the globe, as well as whether a broad set of principles is even a sound basis for a national policy, or if pragmatic approaches on a case-by-case basis should dominate instead.

The debate becomes quite intense, and it speaks to the quality and diversity of speakers WOTR manages to corral with regularity. Not an even feat when you have a half-dozen different podcast series to manage, but they pull it off.

War On The Rocks Podcast: Fresh Voices On Grand Strategy
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