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Globalization and politics

Tanzima Chowdhury
Social Entrepreneur & Activist
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piqer: Tanzima Chowdhury
Sunday, 10 June 2018

Venezuela's Crisis Turns Women Toward Sterilization And Illegal Abortion

Women have been severely impacted by Venezuela's economic downturn and the nation's politics is affecting their bodies, their power and their choices as many consider sterilization and abortion to prepare for an already uncertain, turbulent future. 

The Maduro government has not been able to steady the doubts of the people as the availability of basic and essential items plummets while the country is refusing all international aid. Infant mortality is steadily increasing, food shortages are commonplace and inflation has exploded. 

In these conditions, women bear the responsibility for the survival of their families by preventing expansion through either costly sterilizations or dangerous home-induced abortions.

“I am scared and I think about a lot of things, like the fact that later on, I would like to have another son,” said Krisbell, a 27-year-old mother of two girls who was planning on getting sterilized. “But those are decisions that you have to think through, and given the current situation, it’s better to give comfort and security to the kids you already have than to think about having another one that you could be bringing into the world to suffer.”

For those that may not have the option of sterilization, an abortion places them in a precarious position: if caught, it is punishable by six months to two years in prison—and if performed dubiously, it may result in death.

However, the prospect of life is what these women have to keep faith for even if their country continues to fail them.

Venezuela's Crisis Turns Women Toward Sterilization And Illegal Abortion
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