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Globalization and politics

Raksha Kumar
Freelance Multimedia Journalist
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Monday, 15 April 2019

Understanding The World's Largest Democratic Exercise

On May 23 this year, Indians will know who will make up the country's 17th set of parliamentarians since 1947, when the country gained its independence from the British. Independent India has close to 900 million voters, almost the same number of people as the whole of Europe. Given the rise of authoritarianism across the world, it is crucial to take a close look at India's elections. For the past five years, the country has been ruled by Hindu nationalist party BJP, which looks like it might be re-elected. BJP is positioning itself as a party that is strong and secures the borders of the country. The party has made its Islamophobia pretty clear. India is now being called a "Hindu Nation".

However, the actual issues that matter to the voters' day-to-day lives are rising unemployment, the stagnant economy and a crumbling informal sector. When huge numbers of people do not have food on their table, will they vote on the basis of narrow perceptions of identity? This needs greater unpacking. 

This podcast breaks down the issues that affect most of India's voters.

Understanding The World's Largest Democratic Exercise
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