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Globalization and politics

Sezin Oney
Journalist-Political Scientist
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piqer: Sezin Oney
Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The Investigation: Mueller Vs. Trump

After almost two years of inquiry, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath is drawing to a close; and his report may be out anytime now. 

The Justice Department requires that Mueller submit a confidential report to Attorney General William Barr summarizing his investigation's findings. So, there is no mandate that Barr should make the report public. Nonetheless, Barr has to notify the House and Senate Judiciary Committees that the investigation is concluded, the report is turned in; and also explain why he has opted not to pursue any action recommended by the Special Counsel.

There are a lot "if"s: if Barr moves to make Mueller's report public; if he does, can President Trump prevent it? Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani suggested the President might use his executive power to shield Mueller's report from the public eye. 

The Investigation is a new ABC News podcast focused on the probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller. This podcast is produced by the ABC News' investigative team led by Senior Executive Producer Chris Vlasto, and hosted by ABC News correspondent Kyra Phillips for ABC Radio.

In this podcast series, the ABC News investigative team guides the audience through landmark moments concerning the investigation from the Democratic National Committee hack, to Wikileaks, to the Trump Tower meeting. 

In this particular (the third) episode of The Investigation, Hillary Clinton's former campaign chairman John Podesta is interviewed: as a reminder, Podesta believes his personal e-mails were hacked by Trump's circle (indicted within the framework of the Mueller investigation) for gaining an edge in the final month of the 2016 presidential contest. 

Prior to Podesta, the ABC team interviewed Michael Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis (Cohen was Donald Trump's former "fixer" and personal lawyer); and Trump's former lawyer John Dowd.

The Investigation: Mueller Vs. Trump
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