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Globalization and politics

Emily Schultheis

Freelance journalist currently based in Berlin, chronicling the effects of populism on elections in Europe. Former Washington-based political reporter for CBS News, Politico and National Journal.

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piqer: Emily Schultheis
Thursday, 29 November 2018

The Greens' Vision for the Future of Europe

The Greens are undoubtedly having a moment in Europe.

From Germany, where they've skyrocketed to second place behind the center-right Christian Democrats, to Luxembourg, where they made big gains at the ballot box earlier this fall, it's clear that the party is (at least in some places on the Continent) overtaking center-left social democratic parties as the dominant force on the left.

But with European elections approaching next spring, what would the Greens actually hope to accomplish on the European level? As the party gathered last weekend to choose its two top candidates for the elections, POLITICO Europe's Ryan Heath talked with three of the leading contenders — two of whom, Germany's Ska Keller and the Netherlands' Bas Eickhout, went on to win that race — about the big questions facing Europe and what their party should do about it.

Inherent in that discussion is the debate over whether the Greens' recent success is sustainable, as well as whether they can maintain their identity while expanding their electoral base.

The Greens' Vision for the Future of Europe
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