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Globalization and politics

Neil Hauer
Analyst, journalist, consultant
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piqer: Neil Hauer
Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sudan, Mother Of Arab Revolutions

Arab Tyrant Manual is a podcast hosted by Anas Abdullah, that discusses a wide array of political issues across the Arab world. As you might have suspected, it primarily focuses on authoritarianism in the region, discussing the ongoing retrenchment of the 'Arab Winter' and its historical background.

This episode is a political history discussion of post-independence Sudan with guest Ahmed Gatnash. Gatnash is clearly well-versed, walking us through a litany of military coups, protest movements and leadership struggles with ease. Sudan has born witness to some of the most political turmoil anywhere in the Middle East, with its early years rivaling only those of Syria. This is a clear preface to the major protest movement occurring in the country today.

The discussion leads into the present crisis and the demands of protesters for Omar al-Bashir to step down, who himself came to power in a coup in 1989. Gatnash believes the current situation represents a stalemate, where both protesters and authorities can keep up their present activities for the foreseeable future. He makes the case that it's hard to see an exit from the crisis without Bashir leaving or being toppled.

This is a great detailed introduction to a country that's somewhat understudied as far as the Arab world goes. Arab Tyrant Manual's recent episode on Mauritania is now on my to-listen list for the same reason. A worthwhile addition.

Sudan, Mother Of Arab Revolutions
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