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Globalization and politics

Neil Hauer
Analyst, journalist, consultant
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piqer: Neil Hauer
Monday, 22 April 2019

Sean's Russia Blog: Eurasianet On Eurasia

In this podcast, Sean Guillory, a professor of Russian history, interviews two guests somewhat outside the scope of Russia itself. Joshua Kucera, the Turkey and Caucasus editor for news portal Eurasianet, and Peter Leonard, the site's Central Asia editor, join Guillory for a chat.

The podcast covers a good breadth of systemic issues when covering the areas in question, as well as the personal paths of both guests - each of whom landed on their current focus area through a roundabout path. Kucera and Leonard discuss Central Asia and the Caucasus as regions existing outside the historically Russian-dominated context as Moscow's influence on both areas recede, leading to greater indigenous independence.

The conversation is a useful one for anyone interested in journalism or the former Soviet Union (or both). Guillory is an experienced podcaster and his quality of guests remains consistently high.

Sean's Russia Blog: Eurasianet On Eurasia
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