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Globalization and politics

Emran Feroz
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piqer: Emran Feroz
Sunday, 30 December 2018

On The Tracks Of The "Caliphate"

I still remember how I wrote a piq about NYT journalist Rukmini Callimachi last May. In fact, it was very critical since Iraqi writer Sinan Antoon accused her of "plundering". 

Honestly, I still share the thoughts of Antoon.

However, I also do believe that Callimachi's "Caliphate" podcast is worth listening to.

In her 10-part series, she follows a lot of different issues. Callimachi travels to Canada to meet a young man known as Abu Huzaifa, who claims to be an ISIS defector and who definitely has a lot of insider knowledge about the extremist terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. 

Callimachi is discussing the tactics ISIS was using to lure in and train young men and women to become brutal militants.

Whether you are critical towards the journalist or not, her work is extraordinary and important to read and listen to, especially for those who are interested in the topic and want to learn more about daily life in the so called Islamic State. 

On The Tracks Of The "Caliphate"
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