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Globalization and politics

Luis Eduardo BARRUETO
Trade and development

Luis BARRUETO is a journalist from Guatemala. Studied business and finance journalism at Aarhus University in Denmark and City University London.

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piqer: Luis Eduardo BARRUETO
Monday, 04 February 2019

Murderville: What Happens When The Law Wrongfully Jails The First Suspect And Leaves Crime Unsolved

The crime podcast universe seems to be growing exponentially. Americans, in particular, seem fascinated with the matter, and several productions echo a previous wave of TV series focusing on uncovering and explaining how criminals operate.

Murderville, GA has a different focus: Following the trails of a shocking murder in Adel, Georgia, the investigation seeks to uncover the injustices of wrongful convictions in places like the United States' south. 

The man convicted for the crime swore he was innocent, and while he was put in jail, three other brutal murders happened. 

Did jailing the wrong man – Devonia Inman – let a real killer go free? Why is he still in jail despite the fact that his sentence was based on unreliable witness accounts, some of whom have since then been recanted? The series is produced by investigative journalism website The Intercept, who do research on the ground to figure out the facts of the matter. The story is all too common in a country where law enforcement and state investigators rush to judgement and continously lock up innocent people. Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith are the hosts of an exploration on the matter.
Murderville: What Happens When The Law Wrongfully Jails The First Suspect And Leaves Crime Unsolved
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