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Globalization and politics

Daria Sukharchuk
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piqer: Daria Sukharchuk
Thursday, 01 November 2018

Life In An Overpopulated And Almost Forgotten Refugee Camp In Greece

Moria is a refugee camp in Lesbos, and unless you deliberately follow the stories about refugees in Europe, you probably haven't heard about it for the last two years. Lesbos was the main landing point for most refugees crossing from Turkey to Greece, and Moria soon turned into a kind of intermediary hub—the refugees were supposed to have their papers processed and move on. But as the European refugee policies changed, many were stuck in a kind of limbo and forgotten about. 

In a situation like this, an alternative structure has sprung up. Sometimes it is benign, but often criminal. According to the report by the German secret service, some of those criminal gangs are affiliated with IS. Deutsche Welle talked to the refugees still living in the camp for their video podcast.

The podcast leaves it open to interpretation whether the people interviewed in it are really members of IS, or simply criminals who want to make themselves look scary by spraying the walls with IS graffiti.  

Life In An Overpopulated And Almost Forgotten Refugee Camp In Greece
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