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Globalization and politics

Emran Feroz
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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Intercepted From Venezuela To GTMO

I have not followed Jeremy Scahill's Intercepted podcast for a while. However, this new episode is definitely worth listening to.

At the beginning, Scahill discusses Washington's coup attempt in Venezuela, which has – as it seems at the moment – failed. And of course, the main criticism lies on the US government and its decade-long brutal history in South America.

I share these views. However, I also do believe that some people, including Scahill himself, take a rather far-left stance on this issue, which has become symptomatical for the Western left in general. I think it should not be that difficult to acknowledge that US foreign policy in Venezuela and elsewhere is a real problem while the likes of Maduro are brutal and corrupt politicians who often use anti-imperialist rhetoric but do not really care about the lives of their own people. 

Nevertheless, Scahill provides a good insight on current events. 

The guest I really appreciate in this episode is journalist Carol Rosenberg, who has been covering Guantanamo issues for almost two decades and just joined the NYT team. Rosenberg is the only reporter working on GTMO full-time. 

In the interview with Scahill, Rosenberg describes how she started to cover the torture prison and how she reported about daily life inside the prison, its prisoners and their state-sponsored torture, and the military trials they faced. She talks about how the first twenty men and young boys arrived at GTMO and knelt in their orange jumpsuits while a military photographer took pictures of them. Last but not least, Rosenberg discusses how US officials like current CIA director Gina Haspel were directly involved in the mass torture and in other US crimes that took place since the "War on Terror" began. 

Intercepted From Venezuela To GTMO
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