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Globalization and politics

Raksha Kumar
Freelance Multimedia Journalist
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Raksha Kumar
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Wednesday, 06 February 2019

How To (Be A) Citizen: The Indian Constitution

Last week, India celebrated the 69th anniversary of bringing its Constitution to life. India calls it Republic Day. In that context, this podcast tries to understand what India's Constitution means to the country? Has the country changed so much in the last 70 years, that the Constitution feels redundant? The world should pay attention to the relationship that Indians have with Indian Constitution because that will be the key to the future of world's largest functional democracy.  Since the podcast is a conversation with three stand up comics, it is full of humour. More importantly, it speaks the language of younger Indians - those who have read and understood India's freedom struggle only through text books. Many young Indians take their political freedoms, that the country's democracy offers, for granted.

The podcast is an attempt to bring attention back to the fact that the freedom was hard earned and more hard work is required to preserve it. 

How To (Be A) Citizen: The Indian Constitution
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