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Globalization and politics

Emran Feroz
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piqer: Emran Feroz
Sunday, 16 December 2018

George H. W. Bush Was A War Criminal. Full Stop.

Recently, former US American George Herbert Walker Bush died. 

As I noticed, many media outlets — both in the United States and Europe — described Bush Senior as a noble politician who was "the last of his kind", as German news magazine Der Spiegel wrote.

What a joke, I thought.

And others did too. Jeremy Scahill deconstructs these wrong narratives in his Intercepted podcast. According to him, many media outlets spread lies, intentionally.

"George Herbert Walker Bush was in unrepentant war criminal who spent the overwhelming majority of his life making the world a worse place, a more dangerous place, and he leaves behind a global trail of tears, of bloodshed, of death and destruction," Scahill says.

In fact, Bush Sr. rampaged from Southern America to the Middle East. His crimes in Iraq (his son George W. Bush continued to commit them) should especially not be forgotten. 

But many media outlets did not even mention his blood legacy. Instead, they talked about his "funny socks". 

It's also naive to constantly point at Donald Trump while whitewashing the crimes of his predecessors like Bush Sr. 

"You know what? Donald Trump doesn’t even have enough time left in his life to commit even a fraction of the international crimes that Bush carried out during his decades in power, whether it was at the helm of the CIA, or as vice-president, or as president. Not even close," according to Scahill. 
George H. W. Bush Was A War Criminal. Full Stop.
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