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Globalization and politics

Tanzima Chowdhury
Social Entrepreneur & Activist
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piqer: Tanzima Chowdhury
Friday, 13 July 2018

Donald Trump’s Startling Global Agenda: Taking White Supremacy (and Fear) Worldwide

Intolerance. Racism. Violence. FEAR. 

Trump's agenda, white supremacy and movements fueled by nativism, xenophobia and bigotry could not exist without fear.

And Salon's political staff writer, Chauncey Devega draws attention on that fear noting that recently, "the Trump administration launched an effort to remove any language from standard United Nations documents condemning racism as a threat to democracy," lead by Andrew Veprek, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

Veprek "repeatedly rejected use of the words nationalism, populism, and xenophobia" and felt that the usage of these words unfairly targeted the Trump administration and called for a "softening" on the language around racism, which he does not believe is rising. Yet, Veprek's beliefs do not change the reality many of us live in:

Contrary to Veprek's claims, there is considerable evidence that racism is increasing in the U.S. specifically and throughout the West more generally. Most notably, as evidenced by the election of openly racist candidates like Donald Trump to high office.

Structural violence persists and has expanded, with increasingly draconian and often punitive state-sponsored harassment directed against nonwhite immigrants and refugees throughout the Western world.

In the United States, police continue to kill, assault and harass innocent and unarmed black and brown people at disproportionate rates as compared to whites. The racial wealth gap persists, and depending on how it is measured, is actually growing. It has been suggested that by 2053 the average net worth of African-American families will be zero.

Across the West, even if the plot twists are different, the characters affected in the name of fear are often the same: nonwhite, religious minorities, the LGTBQ community and women. 

If language and more barriers that serve to protect are stripped, not only are we being left raw for the perils of our present but without a possibility for a future.

Donald Trump’s Startling Global Agenda: Taking White Supremacy (and Fear) Worldwide
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