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Globalization and politics

Emran Feroz
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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Deconstructing Blackwater Founder Erik Prince

Recently, Mehdi Hasan interviewed Erik Prince, the founder of the world's most notorious mercenary company, Blackwater, and he grilled him

Blackwater, once also named Xe and currently known as Academi, is involved in conflicts all round the world. Its mercenaries committed war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Nevertheless, Prince does not want to stop his involvement in the world's conflicts. He recently advocated a privatization of the war in Afghanistan (which was harshly criticized by many, including Afghan politicians) and has strong ties with the Trump administration.

Last but not least, his company works for the Chinese government at the moment. 

Hasan does not solely talk about his own interview with Prince. He also talks with his Intercept colleague Jeremy Scahill, who wrote a very detailed book about Prince and his mercenaries a few years ago. Like many others, Scahill believes that Prince needs to be prosecuted.

"Erik Prince is a guy who has operated forces that have committed war crimes. And I think it would be a step forward to get him in any way you can into the crosshairs of prosecutors."
Deconstructing Blackwater Founder Erik Prince
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