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Ciku Kimeria
Writer, Adventurer, Development Consultant, Travelblogger
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Monday, 16 April 2018

White Supremacists Are Drawing Inspiration From The Racist Rhodesian Regime

The rise of white nationalism is spreading across Europe and the US, but also borrowing a leaf from oppressive white minority-rule in Southern Africa. 

In the sepia-toned photo, two white soldiers patrol on foot over brush and rocky ground. Lean and bearded, they carry what appear to be Belgian rifles, and they wear an unusual uniform — cloth jungle hats, short shorts and tennis shoes — associated with a military unit that was disbanded nearly 40 years ago.
That unit was called the Selous Scouts, a special-forces regiment from the Rhodesian Army, which fought black insurgent armies in the Bush War of the 1960s and ’70s to maintain white-minority rule over territory that is now Zimbabwe.

White nationalists in the West seem to be drawing inspiration from oppressive regimes that used white minority-rule to oppress Africans. Recent evidence of this bizarre brotherhood is the spreading of false rumors in the US fueled by alt-right "activists" speaking out against an alleged white genocide that is taking place against white farmers in South Africa. This false news recently resulted in Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton saying that he is considering fast-tracking visas for white South African farmers who need to flee "horrific circumstances" for a "civilized country." 

Dylann Roof, the American white supremacist who killed nine black parishioners in a Charleston, S.C. church in June 2015, and who was sentenced to death last year, had penned an online manifesto, which appeared on a website called The Last Rhodesian, with photographs of himself wearing a jacket with a patch of the green-and-white Rhodesian flag.

It should worry people that today's racists are gaining inspiration from yesterday's white supremacists. 

All the talk right now among people in the alt-right and the broader white supremacist movement is about the need for a white ethno-state...When you praise Rhodesia, in this context, what you’re praising is violence to that end.

White Supremacists Are Drawing Inspiration From The Racist Rhodesian Regime
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