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Daria Sukharchuk
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Monday, 01 April 2019

What's Behind Our Fascination With Scammers?

Anna Delvey, the "scammer of the summer" 2016, is going to be deported to Germany soon, and it's a good time to return to her story again. She has scammed a lot of people – and several major American banks – for tens of thousands of dollars. She frittered away all that money on expensive clothes and private jets. The story was covered extensively as if the press was fascinated by the scammer. I have been one of those people who obsessively read the stories about her—but why do such people captivate us this much? Why did other people trust Anna Delvey, buy into her stories? This podcast's hosts are, like many of us, obsessed with her story, and it's a lovely way to revisit it, and to think about why stories like this one are so captivating.

What's Behind Our Fascination With Scammers?
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