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Daria Sukharchuk
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Monday, 11 March 2019

The Story Of A Sexually Abusive Priest And His Community

Child abuse scandals have recently been rattling the Catholic church, but this kind of behaviour isn't exclusive to that one church. Denmark has had its own child abuse scandal – this time, conducted by a priest of its own state Lutheran Church of Denmark. This story focuses on his relationship with the boys he seduced and abused. It shows how effectively the perpetrator, Dan Peschack, groomed the whole parish, the children, and their parents, into believing him. He did this so successfully that nobody was surprised when he took one of the boys on a holiday with him, or when another boy lived at his rectory for about six months. The victims, now in their early twenties, talk in detail about their experience. Peschack declined to comment on the story, so we can't know his perspective on the events, and whether he realised what kind of crime he committed. But it still is a powerful story to listen to.

The Story Of A Sexually Abusive Priest And His Community
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