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Daria Sukharchuk
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Monday, 11 February 2019

The Russian Journalists Who Found The Salisbury Poisoners

How does investigative journalism work in a country like Russia with its oppressive government? Turns out, not so bad! Cue Roman Dobrokhotov, the journalist who worked together with Bellingcat to reveal the true identities of the two men behind the Novichok attack. The main source for it is the generally sloppy attitude to data security, and corruption—many sensitive databases were sold and resold on the internet for years. The Russia Guy is a podcast hosted and produced by Kevin Rothrock, who works for Meduza, a leading independent Russian publication. He interviews people from academia and think-tanks for their comments on current Russian affairs. Most of his guests might not be too interesting to people outside of Russian studies, but this interview with Dobrokhotov is an exception. More than anything, it's a great insight into how online journalism works in Russia.

The Russian Journalists Who Found The Salisbury Poisoners
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